You can achieve anything once you put your mind to it’ – an incredible saying with a lot of underlying value. This resonates with me: after interviewing so many high-profile, inspirational figures, I have realised that dreams can come true, nothing is impossible and what matters is that we protect our faith and persist with loyalty to achieving our goals; even through the most challenging of times.

The African Diaspora Magazine has a unique edge to it offering readers heartfelt, truthful stories. We thrive ourselves on people sharing their stories with others. We want to rid the negative and shine light on all the positive work that is being done to support Africa and its people. Many Africans in the UK are committed to achieving amazing work both in the UK and in Africa to impact and touch the masses. Our thoughtful ethos encompasses a real insight into so many moving experiences.

One extraordinary interview that is featured inside this magazine is expressed with Josefina Bonsundy Nvumba, a leading, powerful woman who is driving forward positive change for the African and African diaspora community. Not only is her profound passion for celebrating and highlighting diversity all around the world exceptionally special, but Josefina’s ideas, attitude and motivation are intensely heartwarming. Being able to interview such enthusing role models such as Josefina has only heightened my passion and sincere love for Africa and the African community.

The poignant birth of my love for Africa began when I booked my trip to climb the ‘Roof of Africa’, an exciting opportunity that really did change my life. While visiting Tanzania and later on Zanzibar, I connected with the African energy – the people were welcoming, warm-hearted and happy. The Mother Land really touched my heart and I left feeling inspired to share positive vibes with those around me and to embrace life truly. I felt grateful and I felt grounded. My childhood dream of reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro came true and this increased my desire to write about Africa even more. This lifechanging experience led me to zealously want to contribute to the African community through writing. I pursued to broaden my horizon by connecting with role models who were willing to share their stories.

I relish interviewing people who have a story to tell and I believe that we all have a story inside of us. We should embrace any chance to spread our story, enlighten others and to open up other people’s eyes and hearts to the beautiful life that we all share. It is an absolute honour to interview remarkable icons, people who haven dedicated their life purpose to giving back to the African and African diaspora communities and the work is only just beginning.

Editor’s Notes: Note from The Editor

About The Author
- Conrad is the Managing Director of the CMG International Media Group, which publishes The African Diaspora and Zim-Abroad magazines.

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